PAN Card Status

PAN Card is one of the most important documents that an Indian should carry. This is the only way to get registered with the Income Tax Department for the tax details and benefits. One cannot do major financial transactions without the PAN card and it is also a valid proof of your identity. The Government of India has ensured smooth PAN card processing through the NSDL Services. One can easily apply for New PAN online and offline. The facility of PAN Upgrade and Duplicate PAN is also available on the same platform. However, people often wonder about the PAN Status.

The PAN Status is the status of the application that has been made. Usually, it takes around 15 days after the application has reached the office of the NSDL to receive the PAN Card. However, the anxious people often track the application. It becomes very important when the PAN is urgent or some mistakes were made during the filling of the firm. There are different options to check the PAN Status now and all of them are easy, quick and obviously hassle free.

PAN Status

Check PAN Card Status by SMS

The Income Tax Department has authorized SMS services in order to verify the PAN Card Status. The applicants can SMS the NSDL PAN services by typing NSDLPAN followed by the 15 digit acknowledgement number. The SMS can be sent to 57575. An auto-generated message would be received in your phone with the current application status.

Check PAN Card Status by Phone

The designated call centres of the NSDL are always there to help you. One can dial 020-27218080 and provide the 15 digit acknowledgement number whenever asked by the executive. The executive would let you know the current PAN Status of the application.

Check PAN Card Status by Online

However, the most frequently used service to know the PAN status is the online method. There are two ways. If you have applied through the UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited then you must their website to track the PAN Status. On the other NSDL TIN is also available to verify the status.

NSDL PAN Card Status

NSDL PAN Card Status

NSDL offers the service to check both PAN and TAN Status. Here is how you can check it.

Step 1: Visit the NSDL PAN/TAN Tracking website

Step 2: Select the appropriate application type (PAN or TAN)

Step 3: Provide the Acknowledgment Number of the 15 digit

Step 4: The Name should be provided along with the Date of Birth.

Step 5: Fill in the Captcha Code and then hit the Submit button.

Step 6: The screen will display the PAN Card Status of the application.



Step 1: All you have to do is to visit the UTIITSL website for the PAN Card Status

Step 2: the system would ask you about the PAN Coupon Number which is same as the application or acknowledgment number. The number starts with “U”.

Step 3: If you have applied for the duplicate PAN or upgrade, then you can also provide the PAN Card number instead.

Step 4: Fill in the captcha and then hit the Submit button.

Step 5: Your PAN Card Status would be displayed on the screen.

Points to remember:

However, it is important to ensure that all information provided in the online tracking of PAN status should exactly match with the information provided when applying the PAN.

Payment Status

Payment Status is often associated with the PAN Status. The payment can be made online for PAN through various options like Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card and others. However, in order to verify the Transaction Status of the payment made towards the service can be easily tracked and checked. Here is how you can check the PAN Status.

PAN Transaction Status

Step 1: Visit the NSDL TIN Transaction Status Page

Step 2: Provide the Transaction Number if you have or else provide the 15 digit acknowledgment number. It should be the same against which the payment was made.

Step 3: Provide the Name and Date of Birth. Ensure all the details are as per the applied PAN details.

Step 4: Transaction details should be displayed on the screen.

PAN Card Validity

PAN Card is a unique number issued the tax paying individuals in the country. The card is valid for the lifetime and none can have two PAN Card number. The change of address does not make difference to the PAN. However, if there is any change to the basic details of the PAN that was provided during application can be updated. However, your PAN card remains the same and it connects your entire Tax Profile.